The New Age Treatment For Tumors

Gamma Knife radiosurgery is the sort of radiation radiotherapy to treat benign tumors, cancerous ones, vascular malformations and other problems with the brain. Gamma Knife radiosurgery is a type of stereotactic radiosurgery (SRS). In this time of surgery no direct impact is created on the tissues surrounding the tumour. The main goal of this procedure is to reach the tumour itself and stop it from growing any further. Beams of light are projected upon the tumour while it passes through the layers of skin of the individual and attacks it. It’s a procedure that lasts for a few hours. As mentioned earlier the surrounding tissues are not subjected to damage.

Know the difference 

It is important to understand how different surgery and gamma knife radiation are from each other. When it comes to a surgery for brain tumor removal, it involves cutting into the skin with considerable time being spent and risks of the procedure going awry. However with gamma knife radiation there is no incision and no removal of the tumor. The tumor stays where it is, but it’s size and volume gets significantly reduced. This procedure is slowly becoming popular among patients and people are choosing it over surgeries. However there are risks associated with this procedure too. The expected response of the tumor may not be the same as when it happens in actuality. Other factors such as age of the patient, medical history, previous occurence of tumors etc needs to considered before the correct option can be chosen. Gamma Knife for brain tumor treatment in India is usually a one-time therapy completed in a single day. It’s cost effective because the stay of the patient in the hospital is reduced and so is the recovery period, enabling him to go to work sooner.

This procedure is effective for those patients who are not in the pink of their health and may suffer serious loss of blood after undergoing surgeries. When people are unfit for surgery, gamma knife radiation is the best alternative. It is also a good option when neurosurgery does not permit treating the tumor for it may cause undue complications.

What does it treat?

Brain tumor- Gamma knife radiosurgery changes the DNA of the tumor elements and cells in such a way that the tumor cannot spread or reproduce thus making it smaller in size.

Arteriovenous malformation (AVM)- AVM consists of tangled and abnormal arteries in an individual which can lead to a lot of blood loss. Gamma knife radiosurgery closes the arteriovenous malformation and they heal in time.

Trigeminal neuralgia- Our body consists of trigeminal nerves which when damaged causes an electric shock like feeling for the person. After the radiosurgery, the patient can be restored to wellness soon and will experience pain relief at the soonest.

Acoustic neuroma- An acoustic neuroma is a benign tumor that occurs on the spinal cord and can lead to impairment in hearing and balance. Gamma knife radiosurgery in most cases can stop it’s complete growth.

Pituitary tumors- Pituitary gland is associated with Pituitary hormone regulation. When a tumor occurs there, it can cause serious complications. Gamma knife radiation reduces the size of it and further growth.

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