New Flooring Is A Great Selling Feature According to Steve Silvers Former CEO of Empire Today

Floors more than any other feature have the ability to fundamentally transform the look of any area or room. Putting brand new floors into a house not only increases its asking price on the market but radically develops the marketing strength of the house. The right floor is one of the foremost elements in creating a unique space in any room as most everything else in the room will have to turn out well with the floor you select. New floors have the distinctive ability to set your home apart from the rest – while adding long term beauty and value in a way few other re-decorations can.

According to Steve Silvers Former CEO of Empire Today, one should explore some of the more well-liked flooring alternatives that are obtainable these days.

Hardwood – At present, real wood floors are one of the top 2 flooring favorites. This is an exceedingly striking surface that comes in a variety of styles and finishes. It is more time-consuming to set up than some other selections but the outcome is very remarkable. It is better to buy a harder type of wood for floors as wood density will stature heavily into the life span of any wood base. One good thing about hardwood is its ability to be refinished and sanded down if it gets a little tired looking after years of utility.

Laminate – Laminate has become one of the most popular and most common flooring alternatives obtainable. Today, most new homes are being finished with coats in one or more rooms. Laminate comes in many assortments and mimics many diverse types of hardwood and other exteriors. A good quality laminate holds up well to deterioration but like hardwood it can distort if too much moisture gets into it.

Tile – Tile has become the surface of liking for kitchens and many bathrooms. Highly resistant to breakage and damage, it is impervious to water damage and hence the perfect choice for these areas. Tile also comes in so many different colors and styles that any look can easily be created no matter what your individual preference is.

Linoleum – Lino is a decidedly purposeful surface that is ideal for areas like laundry rooms and bathrooms. Like tile it is not exposed to water damage and it is highly resistant to attrition.

Carpet – An old favorite carpet is a gorgeous flooring cover and is great for keeping floors comfortable and warm. In comparison to other surfaces, there is a higher level of maintenance on carpet so make certain you are prepared for it.

Regardless of what flooring you install in your home, make sure you consider how much use the room will get and plan your flooring consequently. Steve Silvers Empire Today asks individuals to take into consideration the amount of maintenance that will be obligatory and environmental factors like dampness and one should be alright. New flooring is a grand way to set your home apart from others on the local market, as buyers love to perceive glittery new floors.


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