Nutriglow Facial Kit – Key Benefits Pros and Cons

Everyone says, beauty is a state of mind. When you dress well, take care of your hair and apply makeup skillfully. It gives a huge impact on those who around you in a positive way. They will start giving you attention. You become more confident. And in finding yourself, getting back your confidence level NutriGlow Skin Whitening Facial Kit will definitely be going to help you. It is combined with the goodness of Arbutin, Turmeric, and Vitamin. The NutriGlow facial kit will be used to pamper your skin, enhancing skin texture from within to give you the fresh, youthful and glowing skin. This NutriGlow facial kit will abolish dull, tired and sluggish skin Self-healing properties for ending problems related to your skin damage.

According to This cosmetic manufacturer – Nutriglow beauty product is going to provide you deep cleansing skin. This can abolish all sign of dirt, pollution, and tan quickly. The facial kit will generally help you in opening up the skin pores for the next steps of the facial. You will also get a gentle depilation along with the strength of pearl and almond. This helps in shedding dead cells, blackheads and dark patches. It is going to leave a white film on the skin due to the deep skin lightening actives present in its formulation.

Important Ingredients: Arbutin, Vitamin E (Acetate) Liquid, Lemon oil, Rose Water, Geranium Oil, Lavender Oil, Licorice Extract, Orange Oil, Cleansing Scrub, Turmeric Oil.

Key Benefits

  1. The facial kit contains a Deep nourishing property which abolishes dull, tired and sluggish skin.
  2. You are going to get imparting fairness and glow which is not possible with any other facial kit.
  3. This facial will compress the skin, reduces wrinkles and lighten age spots
  4. It will definitely improvs skin complexion.
  5. Somehow, this will help in preventing pimples and blemishes.
  6. This is the generally made for wheatish skin tones.

Pros of Nutriglow Gold Facial Kit

  1. The Nutriglow facial kit is in your budget.
  2. The scrub will help you to scrub the skin very well.
  3. The cleanser is used for cleaning the skin.

Cons of Nutriglow Facial Kit

  1. All of the products generally have a strong fragrance. The fragrance is definitely used for hiding the chemical smell.
  2. People having oily skin, it is not made for them.
  3. The pack looks like a Multani Mitti face pack comparison to the gold pack.

How to Use:

Step1: Skin Whitening Cleanser: – You have to apply Skin Whitening Cleanser regularly in a circular movement for 3-5 minutes from your neck to face first then wipe off with cotton.

Step2: Skin Whitening Scrub: -After that you should apply Skin Whitening Scrub gently and again massage them regularly for 5-8 minutes from neck to face in circular movements. Then you can rinse it off with normal water.

Step3: Skin Whitening Gel: -People having oily skin should apply Skin Whitening Gel on the neck to face and massage continuously for 8-10 minutes in circular Movements. After that you should clean with plain cold water.

Step3: Skin Whitening Cream: -People having dry skin should apply Skin Whitening Cream on your neck to face and massage it regularly for 12-15 minutes in circular Movements. After that you should clean with plain cold water.

Step4: Skin Whitening Pack:-When you will apply all of them you have to apply it with a massage like a thick layer of Skin Whitening Pack on your neck to face and let the pack rest till semi-dry. When pack will be Semi-dry, then you should remove it gently.

Step5: Skin Whitening Serum: -After removing the pack, you can apply Skin Whitening Serum quite gently then you leave.

Pack Contains

Cleanser: – 60 g

Scrub: – 60 g

Gel: – 60 g

Skin Whitening Cream: – 60 g

Whitening Pack: – 60 g

Serum: – 10 ml

NutriGlow Cosmetics Pvt. Ltd., India’s one of the fastest growing cosmetics third party manufacturer of beauty products. It is an ISO 9001: 2008 certified company.


Overall, we can that this beauty products performance is average, but this is not good for oily skin. But Product’s Price is not so too much high, so you can try it once. You can share your experiences with us. If you are already using the product you must know its benefits but still, you can buy this product online or from the market by comparing the price. Hoping, it will be helpful for you.

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