Your Options For Recording Videos On Your Computer Using Monavi

Many have long recognized screencasts as very convenient and easy to understand instrument. The main advantages of screencasts are the availability of recording audio and video. But to make quality content, you need a good tool, which is Movavi Screen Capture Studio.

The Best Program

This is one of the best programs to record video on PC from the proven company Movavi, designed not only to record and install screencasts, but also to capture broadcasts or video games that are launched in full screen. Movavi Screen Capture Studio is designed for recording video from various sites (recording online webinars, movies and other).

Options For Recording Video

  • The program does not take a lot of disk space – only 60 MB. If you have a fast Internet, you can download the video program from the screen for free and install it easily. When installing, you can select the language of the application and accept the license agreement.
  • By default, you will be prompted to install the Yandex toolbar, but if you do not want to install it, discard it. After launching, the setting for Movavi Screen Capture Studio and the selection frame for the captured area of ​​the screen are displayed.
  • Then a selected area of the monitor will show up that will be recorded. In the settings, in the “Capture Area” tab you can find some standard sizes. With all these functions, you can configure the recording of the entire screen.
  • If you want to capture the passage of a video game or want to record video on PC, you need to use the function properly.
  • Movavi Screen Capture Studio supports the recording function of sound, including selecting a source – a system or an external microphone.

The program is not very demanding on computer resources, so the system will not hang when recording games and other tasks. In the title of the program, the word “Studio” is not empty. It implies the presence of a number of other tasks in the program in addition to the ability to record video that can be performed using the Movavi Video Suite and Movavi Video Converter in the program in addition to the ability to record video.

The best one for video editing

Here you can remove unnecessary moments, add different effects. Of course, this tool should not be compared with expensive professional software, but for an ordinary user this will be enough. After recording and editing video, all the files are converted to the desired format using Movavi Video Converter. This is necessary for the ability to watch multimedia on any device.

Summing up, you can safely call Movavi Screen Capture Studio the most complete complex tool that allows you to easily record, edit, create and save any record from your computer screen – either a screencast or a game recording.

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