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Nootropics, you have probably heard stories about it several times. What are the supplements, what do they do, what are they good for, which ones are recommended, where can you buy them? In this article we will explain you all so that you are well informed.

The Rising Popularity

In recent years they have become increasingly popular. More and more students, athletes and working people use this new kind of supplements. Nootropics are like a kind of smart drugs that helps you improve your cognitive functions. Your cognitive functions represent your knowledge, your thinking ability, your endurance, the ability to learn and exchange knowledge. Actually it is everything about thinking, keeping attention, awareness and concentration. Important to know is that there are still a few studies into long-term effects, given that it has only been used a lot since a few years. You can Find out more here.

Neurocetam Usage

Other Forms Now

Neurocetam, also known under the trade name “Nootropil” is the primal nootropic and belongs to the so-called racetam group. It is registered in the The country as a medicine, but it is not prescribed very often. The indications in the country are dizziness, tinnitus and the hiccups. As a nootropic Neurocetam is known for the beneficial effect it has on memory and learning. The operation is complex and not 100% cleared. It has an effect on acetyl-choline, which is the neurotransmitter that is involved in memory and learning in the brain. In addition, it has an effect on the NDMA glutamate receptor that is also involved in learning and memory. The metabolism in the brain increases with the use of Neurocetam. The Romanian discoverer of Neurocetam, Corneliu E. Giurgea, also came up with the term nootropic. A well-known nootropic combination is Neurocetam combined with hydergine.


Neurocetam is not freely available in the The country; it can be ordered in the United Kingdom via the internet. Always look for a shop with a good reputation and a somewhat longer life span. Good shops also have a so-called CoA, a correspondence analysis. This is a certificate that demonstrates the purity of the medicine or supplement. There are a lot of forums about nootropics, where insiders can help you well on the way to ordering Neurocetam.

The Making of This Medicine

Several other chemical nootropics have been derived from Neurocetam, including aniracetam, oxiracetam, pramiracetam, and nefiracetam, each of which has a slightly different effect and, for example, are more soluble in fats. Noopept is also derived from this very first nootropic. Noopept is the latest in the racetam group, although it is not a racetam. It would have a 1000 times higher affinity with certain receptors that also Neurocetam works on.

What almost all racetams have in common is the low toxicity, this means that you can only expect problems with, for example, your liver and certain blood values ​​if you have unlikely high doses. You can find out more here. By combining certain racetams you can obtain the desired effect. It is true that every racetam has a different characteristic, one works short, but powerful, the other works more subtly, but over a longer period of time. By combining Neurocetam with another racetam you can get your desired nootropic boosts all day long.

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