The Pioneering Healing Concepts on Drug Recovery and Brain Disorders

Medical study report shows that depression, anxiety disorder as well as other psychiatric conditions and problems such as bipolar disorder, drug abuse, schizophrenia cause measureable affects on human brain. If remain untreated for a long period, they can be fatal for an individual, and even destroy a family life. Manic and depressive disorder leads to mood changes, an obvious symptom, which should be noted carefully by the family members. Many people come across cognitive disorder like difficulty making decisions, taking actions, remembering things and so on.

Apart from MRI scanning, therapists today make use of different software applications to obtain more accurate brain imaging and information about specific abnormalities in the areas of the brain. In the management process of brain based disorders neuro-feedback is considered extremely important inputs to psychotherapists since that helps determining better rehab procedures. Neuroengineering is a major branch of biomedical engineering. Neuroengineers like Dr. Curtis Cripe employ neuroscience research based engineering methods and procedures to work on the neural systems and brain imaging of a human being. These neuroscientists and engineers have amazing ability to find out most critical and complex problems through interfacing with the neural network backed by newest mechanisms, software and medical history of the patient.

When it comes to behavioral therapy, addiction recovery, neurodevelopment issues or even the area of aerospace, the contribution of Dr. Curtis Ph. D. in the US Industry can never be overlooked. With over three decades of his tireless services to his nation, the neuroscientist has established his deep insight, knowledge and understanding as extremely successful Behavioral Therapy Researcher, Specialist and Solution provider to millions of people victims of depression disorder, anxiety, post effect of stroke and other brain centric disorders. These days, he has been positioned as the Chief, R&D of NTL Group, Inc., based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

In his vital role as a guide at NTL Group, Dr. Curtis has been operational with an extremely veteran and seasoned team consisting of researchers, therapists, analysts and scientists. He works in conjunction with his team members and guides them in designing custom made therapy solutions for effective rehabilitation of patients with neuro-orinted disorders and brain dysfunctions. Together with these brilliant team members and his sea-deep knowledge, the neuroscientist has introduced the most up-to-date efficient brain disorder management software NueroCodex and NeuroCoach.

The application software programs are intended to accurately diagnose and mend mild to most complex cognitive plus brain dysfunctional issues. Millions of Americans today suffer from neurodevelopmental disorders, traumatic brain problems caused by persistent distress, intense stress, depressive disorder, stroke and addiction to drug and alcohol.  NUEROCODEX is one of the most brilliant innovations that help finding remedies by addressing the gray areas and that yields faster recovery and healing results. Curtis Cripe earned his Ph. D. focused on behavioral medicine and psychology from North Central University, Arizona. He is also backed by aerospace engineering completed from California State Polytechnic University. In his illustrious career life, he has also served for JPL a division of NASA and Department of Defense as Systems Engineer and Software Developer respectively.

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