Placing the Bed Properly for Ideal Feng Shui

According to, 13% of men take almost 30 minutes to fall asleep if the Feng Shui is good. The bedrooms are crucial in Feng Shui because of numerous important reasons. Both your bedroom and your bed need to have the ideal Feng Shui for supporting the energy that you have. It is significant that your bed maintains the ideal energy of the Feng Shui, which includes healing and love. Most of the people think that the guidelines for Feng Shui are extremely difficult. However, the truth is that they can not only be followed in a simple manner but people can also implement them easily. The placement of your bed in accordance with the Feng Shui is the most important challenge that you are going to face on basis of the bedroom options that you have.

Guidelines for Feng Shui Bed

The primary step of creating the ideal Feng Shui energy within the bedroom is by meeting the guidelines that are associated with a Feng Shui bed. This means that your bed needs to have a solid and beautiful headboard, an ideal mattress, a proper height of the frame, and also, there should be no storage under the bed. If you are looking for the best mattress, you can go through the Casper mattress review, before you purchase one for your room.

Placement of the bed

Examine the entire room and try to understand if the bed can be placed in the perfect Feng Shui spot within the entire room. This is known as the commanding position of Feng Shui. This position is normally that area, which is further from the door of your bedroom in a diagonal manner but not exactly in a similar line. This means that you should not be able to see the door from the bed because it is not aligned with your door.

The positioning of the bed

A supporting wall right behind the bed is crucial for the perfect placement of the Feng Shui bed. This is responsible for creating a strong as well as protective energy around the bed. In order to get added strength, most people tend to choose the wall paint that looks ideal and matches the bedroom decor completely.

Balanced Feng Shui beds

Having balanced ungrounded energy on all the sides of your bed is crucial for the best placement of your Feng Shui bed. This, in turn, means that you need to have two different nightstands but they do not need to match. You can be creative and allow your imagination to flow. However, you need to ensure that the bed has complete access from both the sides. Also, two similar furniture pieces should definitely be placed on two sides of your bed.

Smooth energy around your bed

Ensure that there are no sharp and unwanted angles that keep pointing at you when you are sleeping. This unique energy is known as Sha Chi, or the attacking energy, which can come from the different angles of the walls or the sharp corners of the furniture pieces that are placed nearby. You should be scrutinizing the space in your bedroom properly to avoid the attacking energy that is directed towards you, while you are sleeping.


If you place the bed for ideal Feng Shui in your room, you are going to benefit a lot in your life. Ensure that you keep the above tips in your mind when you are placing your bed.

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