Protect Your Body from Air Pollution with Nose filter mask

Large-scale industrialization and deforestation have made the air quality worst in our country. At one side the use of petrol and diesel vehicles is increasing on the other side the green cover of the county is reducing. All these factors have made the condition worst. It has become difficult to find fresh air free from pollution and particulate matter. These industries and vehicles emit tons of toxic pollutants and make the air not good for inhalation. The toxic emissions from these industries and vehicles include different types of poisonous gases which cause heavy damage to human body. These poisonous gaseous gases are benzene, nitric oxide, oxides of sulphur and nitrogen which are responsible for causing different types of diseases into human beings.

It is a very critical and alarming situation about which our attention must go on. If proper care is not taken it will lead to different types of diseases in our body like asthma, allergy, Skin inflammation, irritation of eyes etc. Medical researches have shown that different types of poisonous gases emitted from the industries and vehicles are also responsible cancer.

Thanks to nasal air filters which have given us a protection from such types of problems and keeping our body safe from complexities of air pollution. This mask is lightweight and effectively sets into nostrils leaving your face uncovered as is the case with a conventional face mask for pollution. It is small and available in different sizes and you can choose according to the size of your nostril.  People have different issues with the conventional face mask which is used for protection against air pollution. But this product has resolved all the issues which ware with the face mask.

Let us have a closer look how nasal air filter is better than conventional face mask

  • Easy to fit:- This product fits easily into your nostril and available in different sizes but same is not the case with the face mask.
  • No passage of air from any side:- This product does not allow to pass air without filtration into your body but face mask has several issues as it allows air to pass from the side of the nose and hence its effectiveness is reduced to a lower extent.
  • Invisible: It is almost invisible as it does look to any other person as fits well into the cavity of your nostrils. But with face mask, your entire face is covered with it which does give you a better feel.
  • No problem during bike riding:- You can use the nasal filter during the bike riding but you cannot use face mask during riding of the mask.

Due to all these advanced features nasal filter is a better choice over face mask. If you too are need of a filter you must choose nasal filter instead of the face mask.

Summary:- Air quality is decreasing day by day due to excessive use of vehicles and industries and it has become a serious problem for a human being to get fresh air for breathing. But with the nasal filter, the problem is solved to a great extent ass it filters the air in your nose before it enters into your lungs giving you fresh air.

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