Psychometric Tests: How to Do Them Right?

Recent surveys have shown a rise in the number of organisations using personality tests for hiring employees. Success of these newly hired candidates is more likely with the inclusion of correctly carried out tests. However, many companies falter in carrying out these tests in accurate ways. With merely few steps, these hindrances can be easily avoided while taking a psychometric test:

Be Aware of the Law

Organizations need to have the legalities in mind when incorporating personality tests to their pre-employment framework. Anti-discriminatory laws call for tools of assessment that are valid and relevant to the job. Other than in exceptions, like professions seated in weaponry or the law enforcement, companies should avoid using tests to check candidates for any sort of personality disorder and/or mental illness.

Understand Business Needs

If there is a lacking of properly defined rules of job performance, then the tests will be of no use. There is, quite often, an emphasis on independent variables (the predictors) rather than the dependent variables (the predicted). There is no point in evaluating the statistics of the accuracy of the test(s) if there are no basic quantitative standards for the performance of the employees. For example, many companies are known to use the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) for selection of candidates even though the MBTI test was not developed for such evaluation, as said by MBTI’s publisher as well.

Mitigate Chance of Cheating

There is always the chance of applicants attempting to manipulate the test taking process. To avoid such instances, the best option available to companies is to ensure that the assessments are proctored. This can be easily achieved by having the employees take their tests in the offices of the companies, or through video monitoring of the applicant. Some tests even have mechanisms that allow assessment of the candidate’s answering pattern itself. With the help of simultaneous tests, a well backed decision can be made.

Reveal Test Results

All applicants have a lot to gain from a consolidated, job specific report. Those who have been accepted as employees can have a basis for starting their work in the company, by going through their test results. Even the applicants who have not (for whatever reason) been streamlined into the organization, will know their shortcomings and will appreciate the test result for giving them a chance to work on themselves for further job opportunities.

Check the Test Itself

Successful companies do not take their graph lightly and consistently test their tests to enhance employee selection. This is done by taking a close look at both the independent and dependent variables, and also the link between the two. There is a necessity for strict evaluation of these tests to ensure that they are fit for selection of applicants. By doing so, this makes sure that no talent goes wasted, and that the most fit candidates are selected for the job. This is an important step that is often overlooked.

Psychometric test is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of the employee evaluation process in all organisations and companies. The HR is giving it a lot of value in the recent times. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that the tests be carried out in a coherent manner.

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