Reflective Tapes: Here are Top 9 Ways to Use Them

You must have heard about reflective tapes which are extremely popular for road safety and precautions. But, are you aware of the fact that there are various ways to use it, apart from just using it for the roads? No? Well then, you have landed on the right blog as here, I am going to talk about the top nine usages of reflective tapes.

Kindly read on to explore them.

  • Sew Them on Clothes: If you work in areas which have a considerable amount of traffic, then sewing reflective tape to your clothing would increase your visibility to a huge extent. This is mandatory if you are working after sunset. There is a special kind of tape known as high visibility tape for this purpose, which can be easily attached to shirts or jackets.
  • Vehicles and Trailers: Another common use is placing them on the side and backs of rolling stock, vehicles or trailers. Using them can actually reduce the chances of accidents and save the lives of people. They can be of real benefit if the vehicle or trailer is parked in some obscure spot or at some high traffic area which has poor lighting condition.
  • Highlighting Objects – If you are one of those people who have to repeatedly back out of a complicated or sloppy driveway, then the object on the edge can be a hazard. Objects like handrails can get damaged as they are hard to spot in a rearview mirror. So, this is yet another case where this tape can be of help.
  • Bikes and Motorcycles – Yes, it is true that most bikes and motorcycles come with reflectors. But, adding a few more is always safer. However, make sure you affix the reflective tape in a way so that the critical components such as the number plate are not obstructed. It would be wiser if you check the state rules and regulations at first.
  • Letterboxes – If your letterbox is situated close to your driveway, then use a little reflective tape and place it strategically so that it is easily noticeable. You should also use it on letterboxes that are surrounded by trees and plants in the garden area, and are hard to notice during the night.
  • Bike Helmets – Reflective tapes should be attached to bike helmets, especially if you are planning to go for a ride at night.
  • Boats and Ships – To increase visibility rate of your craft, use reflective tapes on the topside, underside and sizes of them. This is especially important in case of life rafts and smaller vessels.
  • Life Jackets – Another major usage of reflective tapes is generally seen on life jackets, which helps to catch the attention of the onlookers very easily.
  • Children Bags – If you are a parent, then use it on your child’s bag, especially if he or she goes to or returns from school alone. Just a few small squares or a single strip would do. And yes, make sure that the color of the strip is in contrast to the color of the bag.
  • Others – Other places where you can use reflective materials include:
  1. Ledges
  2. Steps
  3. Low Hanging Objects
  4. Traffic Cones
  5. Warehouse Floors
  6. Posts
  7. Bollards

So, these are the tops places where you can use reflective tape. Now that you know about its purposes, don’t delay anymore and start searching for a reliable company.

Author Bio: Ross Geller is a regular blogger on the benefits of using reflective materials and traffic signs. To know more about reflective tape, please read his articles.

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