Spiritual benefits of Islamic wall art

Are you looking to buy Islamic art online? Well, the world of online Islamic art is indeed vast and dynamic. It is, in fact, a home décor trendthat has caught on pretty well in the e-commerce marketplace. Those looking to decorate their homes with Islamic art have a wide variety to choose from – low-cost vinyl stickers called wall decals, colourful digital prints, paintings, metal frames, wooden works and ceramic plates.

Apart from raising the visual appeal of your home, Islamic wall artfulfils a more important mission – it serves as constant, frequent reminder of the blessings of Allah. For instance, a large wall decal or poster saying ‘Alhamdulillah’ in your dining hall would remind you of the blessing of sustenance by Allah. There are many supplications from the Quran and the Hadith which, if put on your walls, can help you and your children learn them by heart.

It also helps you spreadthe message of the Quran, which indeed is for all mankind. If your guest doesn’t know how to read Arabic and asks you the meaning of a verse on your wall, you can explain it to him or her, and thereby educate him about Islam. For all you know, this might spark further interest in your visitor to learn about the religion. This way, you are doing dawah and likely earning spiritual rewards too.

Interestingly, several Islamic wall art frames or posters come with English translations now – these are placed adjacent to or below the Arabic ayat. Since an overwhelming majority of Muslims are non-Arabic speakers,so for them, English translations are very beneficial. The English text is also written in a calligraphic, stylish font. Sometimes, only the English text is printed on the canvas or the decal or poster, sans the Arabic text – thus marking a major new innovation in the world of Islamic art.

However, no script can compete with the elegance and grace of the Arabic text. The Arabic script’s inherent cursive properties – the loops, the dashes, the dots, the strokes, the diacritical marks and the broken letters – make it perfect for calligraphy. The Arabic script has an enduring enigma – it is understated and subtle yet grand and imposing. Without Arabic calligraphy, Islamic monuments would not have been as beautiful as they are.

That said, the introduction of English in Islamic artis a welcome change as it serves the spiritual purpose of the art – reminding people living in the home as well as visitors of the blessings, Mercy and Grace of Almighty Allah.

Significantly, people now choose ayats according to the room they are pasted in. So, the dining hall has ‘Alhamdulillah’, which translates into ‘Praise be to Allah’ while the children’s room has ‘Tawakaltu Al-Allah’, which means ‘Put your trust/faith in Allah’. At the gateway, it is usually ‘Haadha min Rabbi Fadhli’, which is Arabic for ‘This is by the Grace of Lord’.

Apart from long-time favourites like ‘Alhamdulillah’, ‘Masha Allah’ and Ayat-al-Kursi, Islamic art now also comprises lesser known verses from the Quran.

Certainly, in terms of language, range of verses, and class of materials used, online Islamic art for salewill give you a lot of variety. So if you are looking to buy Islamic art online, be prepared to be dazzled by a treasure of wonderful works of art.


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