Splankna Has Power To Remove Guilt Feelings

Guilt feeling is dangerous as it can impair progress. Splankna deals with depression that rises out of guilt feeling. Other psychological scars come with guilt. What is guilt? It is a feeling that happens when one commits sins or mistakes. These mistakes would have happened at a young age. But baggage would keep harping even when a person has become adult. The guilt of committing forgery at a young age may hamper a person from trying work that involves cash. The guilt of committing mistakes may halt a person progress in the manufacturing sector. Feelings of being branded as an outcast would also have an impact. Some people may get teased a lot based on their physical appearance. These can cause mental scars and can lead to shyness. There are times at which failure can lead to teasing from others. This would hamper progress, and this would be treated.

How Splankna helps in removal of guilt feeling?

Shyness is caused when a person is teased for a failure. This scar would have occurred at an early age and would continue without a person knowing it. Splankna therapy would invoke services of God and Holy Spirit. God would show the area where it is affected, and prayers would be done to remove that scar.

The emotion that occurred at that time is found out and removed. This would help a person to face interviews and be bolder. People who have been affected by shyness would have inertia to give presentations. This inertia would be removed.

People would be afraid to try new things because of guilt. Guilt can occur when a person has lost whole home when they have done business. The business failure would ensure that there is a development of guilt in mind. This would prevent the person from trying out new business.

This fear of failure would be removed, and a person can try out new business. People would not try out new things when they start comparing with others. Splankna therapy helps in restoring the basic fact that every individual same before God. All are created equal, and all have an equal chance of succeeding.

This would help in unnecessary comparison and would also help in ensuring that people get self-esteem back. Therapy would help to remove mental blocks. This removal of mental blocks would help in fast and good communication. This benefits people in a sales department.

It has been seen at many times that a sales person blabber without any clarity of thought. There won’t be any presence of mind too. This problem would be removed through energy healing. Energy healing would help in restoring clarity of mind.

It helps to bring back the focus and concentration needed to succeed in life. Some emotions hamper progress, and that is jealousy. Jealousy can occur when someone has overtaken in a competition. Then the process of seeing everything as completion would get started. Splankna ensures that one will start enjoying what he/she does irrespective of the outcome. One has to make sure that there is no halt to the process of moving forward in life.

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