Study of liberal arts in India

The core aim of liberal arts education is to develop individuals to become global citizens equipped with a broader spectrum of knowledge and skills of a wide range of subjects with high articulacy. A typical liberal arts degree program in top liberal studies colleges in India is inter-disciplinary exposing the students to a wide range of subjects but the topics covered under a particular subject may be different in different institutions. However, the best college for liberal arts in India generally covers the following fields:

Subjects covered under Liberal Arts Degree Program

  • Humanities

It includes art, literature, religion, philosophy, linguistics, modern foreign languages, classical languages, music, theatre, etc.

  • Social Sciences

It includes sociology, politics, history, geography, law, psychology, economics, business informatics, anthropology, etc.

  • Natural Sciences

It includes biology, botany, physics, chemistry, zoology, geology, earth sciences, astronomy, archaeology, etc.

  • Formal Sciences

It includes logic, mathematics, statistics, etc.

Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree

Some of the key benefits of acquiring this degree are:

  • Endless Career Options

The range of subjects taught in a liberal arts degree program is so many that students have the choice of selecting their preferred career with ease. They can choose to become politicians, journalists, linguists, librarian, fundraisers, and community health workers, communication experts, marketing specialists, lawyers, writers, real estate agents or whatever they decide to prefer.

  • Exposure to Cool Concepts

Students are exposed to creative concepts, cool ideas, and new experiences. They continuously have the opportunity to explore, try new things and take risks in doing so.

  • Employer’s choice

Liberal arts students graduate from their college equipped with soft skills and are able to actively contribute to developing effective solutions to real problems. Such students are valued most by most of the employers. In the modern world, a student may have achieved a well-scored degree but he may lack in proper communication, critical thinking and the ability to visualize ideas from multiple perspectives. Employers are not likely to choose such students.

  • Social Responsibility

Through an emphasis on subjects related to civic responsibility and opportunities for community engagement, liberal arts students open their vision to the world around them and develop ways of affecting or influencing others by means of certain actions. They prepare themselves to make the world a better place.

Top Liberal Studies Colleges in India

The study of liberal arts was once considered essential for a human being to be free during medieval times. Today India has started taking this branch of education seriously to adapt to the changing times. Nearly all corners of the country have the best college for liberal arts in India. The course has taken up a fast track generating promising students of the future. Other than that, there are different options when it comes to humanities but getting advice from an experienced person is essential.

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