Supportive environment for holistic learning

It is obvious that you will prefer to admit your child to such a school where the most recognized syllabus is followed. The reason being the contents of such syllabus, enable your child to be equipped with such a level of knowledge so that he or she can compete not only at the national but international level in terms of academic achievements in the future. Moreover, such a syllabus is attuned to all types of national competitive examinations. Now when you consider a renowned school your child will be admitted to, then you must be aware of the other benefits. Firstly the schools are situated in the beautiful scenic and serene environment that provides the definite type of environment for holistic learning. The school governing body comprises of highly qualified teachers and eminent academicians. It is really a great advantage to be in the proximity of such personalities daily. In case you go through the list of alumni, you are sure to find some names of past and present national leaders.

Suitable school infrastructure

All the child- centric elements are incorporated into the curriculum so that the children are properly guided and their inquiry-oriented abilities can be nurtured properly. In addition to that, the school infrastructure offers every type of facility required to acquire knowledge and realize the fact is true education is not bound within the walls of the classrooms.You will find to your satisfaction that the academic blocks are quite elegant and the classrooms are quite spacious.The boarding houses also provide the much needed cozy and comfortable ambiance.The school meals are prepared under the regular guidance and advice of dietary experts.Another great advantage is that the students have the access to the to life skill counselors whenever the need is felt apart from regular sessions.The stupendous sports facilities comprise of a cricket ground, synthetic kind of basketball ground, outdoor venture activities, swimming pool,pistol shooting arena, yoga center, football ground and tennis courts.

Structured inquiry-based learning

You will find that the students are provided that particular feeling that everyone stands on an equal footing and the curriculum in best cbse boarding schools in dehradun, is designed in such a way that the students feel to improvise to excel in life in totality.The curriculum takes into account of the fact that the students should be able to carry out a structured enquiry to internalize the meaning of various topics and terms.The teaching methodology aims at development of five rudimentary elements namely knowledge, ability,perception, attitude, and actions.

Parents active partners of learning process

It is a great approach  to view the parents as partners in the learning process which is the practice of top cbse boarding school in dehradun, in the process the holistic approach can be followed properly. The parent-teacher conference provides the parents a true reflection of  the motive of the learning process and the progress of the students.Once a year student-led conventions are held where the students narrate in details the process of learning.

Transparent admission procedure

The admission process is quite transparent and it takes into account the general proficiency in Mathematics, English, Science and Hindi.The students have to appear in entrance tests and then the final round of interviews take place.The integrated teaching methodology rightly motivates the students so that they can bring out their best.


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