Thanks to GST, Apple India Cuts the Prices of iPhones and Other Products

Just one day after the Goods and Services Tax (GST) came into practice; Apple had great news to deliver to its Indian customers. You can now buy iPhone in India  (and other Apple products) at a much lower price than before.

On Saturday Apple reduced the retail prices of iPad, iPhone, Macs as well as Apple Watch for the consumers in India. The retail prices of all iPhone models have been slashed by 4 per cent to 7.5 per cent from July 1.

Prices off on All iPhones

The 32GB Apple iPhone 7 which was for Rs. 60,000 can now be purchased at Rs. 56,200, the Rs. 70,000 model is now available for Rs. 65,200, and the 256GB variant that was for Rs.80,000 can now be bought at 74,400.


Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus base model of 32GB is now available at Rs. 67,300, which was at Rs.72,000 previously. The prices of iPhone SE models that is being assembled in Bengaluru has also been reduced. The 32GB model iPhone SE model that was for Rs. 27,000 can now be bought at Rs. 26,000. The 32GB iPhone 6s that was for Rs. 50,000 is now available at Rs. 46,900.

Industry experts say that the new prices made on account of the GST also called into account the 10% basic customs duty (BDS) imposed on mobile phones that are imported into the country. So, you don’t have to pay any extra tax over the prices that are set now.

“I think it is a good move ahead of the upcoming festive season. We believe the best way for Apple to increase their share in India is to bridge the gap between affordability and aspirational value of iPhone. Even in the past, they have tasted success with 4S, 5S and iPhone 6 when reduced the price,” Says Tarun Pathak who is a Senior Analyst of Mobile Devices and Ecosystems at the New Delhi-based Counterpoint Research.

He further added, “By the end of 2017, we believe iPhone 6 and SE can be the flagships through which most users are going to enter the Apple ecosystem for the first time.”

iPad and MacBook Prices Slashed 

And not just iPhones, Apple has also massively reduced the prices of iPad, Macs and Apple Watch.

All iPad Pro models are getting a standard Rs. 3000 off and the other models have a little less discount too. The iPad 32GB with Wi Fi can now be bought for Rs. 28,000 which was previously at Rs. 28,900 while the 128GB with Wi Fi is now at Rs. 35, 700, it was for 36,900 before. The iPad Mini 4 128 GB has been reduced to Rs. 33,800 from 34,900 and the 128GB is now at Rs, 44,500 which was previously at Rs. 45,900.

Many experts speculate that this price drop post-GST will help Apple mark its position in the ever challenging Indian smartphone market. Currently, Apple has a 3% market share by volume and 11% by value in the country.

Growing Focus on India

In the recent time, there has been a noticeable rise in the scheme of things that Apple is trying to make their place in the Indian market.

In the last visit of PM Narendra Modi in the US, Apple CEO Tim Cook met him and told him that the company is confident about the production plant of iPhone SE in Bengaluru. Industry sources reported that Cook appraised PM Narendra Modi about the production of Apple’s much popular iPhone SE models in Bengaluru facility and that the app developers are busy working for Apple.

Back in May of this year, Apple began the production iPhone SE in Bengaluru in a small number. It has also opened its App Accelerator to provide functional support for the developers earlier this year in March.

Why are the prices cut?

One of the industry experts explained that the overall taxation on iPhones was quite high. So even with GST at a rate of 12% and customs duty, the net tax has gone down that what it used to be before July 1st and thus the price cut.

Another source who is aware of the company’s decision mentioned that since the BCD has not been imposed the prices have gone down further.

This move certainly makes iPhones much more attractive to the consumers in the Indian market especially those who attach a significant value to the brand.

So, there’s no better time for you to buy an iPhone in India.

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