Three Smart Instagram Marketing Tips for Promoting Your E-Commerce Site

No other social media platform could match the effectiveness of Instagram for promoting e-commerce businesses. It is practically the only popular social media networking site where brands are welcomed with open arms. Instagram could be helpful in reaching a wider target audience, boosting your brand awareness, and even increase the sales of your e-store. Here are some of the effective Instagram marketing tips for the success of your e-commerce business. These effective tips have been cleverly designed for boosting following and enhancing your Instagram engagement and overall sales.

Consider Using Hashtags Strategically

Hashtags are highly productive and probably the best tool for reaching a wider audience that may culminate in more followers, better results, and improved engagement. Ideally, seven to ten hashtags must be used for every post. However, you may try out varied numbers of hashtags for every post just to see the manner in which the results would be impacted.

Remember to post your hashtags in a comment. By posting all your hashtags strategically in a comment, you would help your post to look much cleaner. Do not forget that hashtags are used so that people are able to find you. Consider using a smart mix of hashtags for assisting you in reaching your diverse objectives and goals. The Instagram search bar could be used for finding hashtags or keywords and examine the number of posts they have and also, get valuable hashtag suggestions.

You must never deviate from posting relevant hashtags as there is no point in doing otherwise. Only relevant hashtags would be helping you to reach those people who are essentially part of your precise target audience and all these people, therefore, have the potential of becoming your loyal customers. You must consciously concentrate on hashtags for doing well while marketing on this most popular social media platform. You could seek professional assistance for boosting more followers for Instagram.

Give More Importance & Preference to UGC (User Generated Content)

You could effectively leverage Instagram as a marketing and promotion platform by focusing on reviews and word of mouth. People would trust their friends much more as compared to the brands. The most effective way of capitalizing Instagram as a social media platform is by designing and crafting an effective user-generated campaign. Moreover, you need to keep a strict vigil for posts featuring any of your products. If you are able to trace some good posts where people have used and appreciated your products, you could seriously consider regramming them on your Instagram account.

By integrating user-generated content with your Instagram e-commerce campaigns, you would not just boost brand awareness but reach relatively more people or wider audience and amplify engagement.

Promotion Is Good but Do Not Overdo It

As an e-commerce business, you would be tempted to go on posting exclusively promotional pictures basically, pictures of your products. Even though e-commerce brands are doing pretty well on Instagram this sort of excessive promotional approach would not help you get more engagement. Only when you use different types of content and posts you would be getting more comments and likes and there would be a boost in reach and engagement. You could diversify your content on a regular basis for getting much better results.


Instagram is certainly the best choice for promoting your e-commerce business. It is simply the perfect platform as it is a visual medium, just right for showcasing your unique products elaborately and effectively.

Author Bio: Jennifer Hemsworth is a social media marketing expert and blogger. She has worked with top SMEs and startups and helped them in crafting effective marketing strategies and campaigns for Facebook, Instagram, and such other channels. Her recent series of posts covers how you can organically gain followers for Instagram and ways to expand your online reach.


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