Top Messenger Apps For Android And Ios

Updated Smartphone allow to instant communication with the friends and family but, it was still on out of the box which never always best. In order to come out such common problem, there are a number of the messaging apps out to deliver the high service for all sort of the interaction with other at free videos calling and another voice message. Voice quality and video calling messenger apps are very famous in this century. In today’s time, messenger app is the biggest resource of communication which can be used efficiently.  Even iMessage apps is another option for the user to sent message and images files in a fine manner. Well, iMessage is one of the most popular app which is used by billions of people presently. Well, if you want to download iMessage for PC or Windows, then you can easily get it downloaded for iOS and Android as well. Apart from iMessage app, let us discuss some other top messenger apps for the both Android and iOS.


This app commonly used by the million of the active users and also it is one fastest messaging apps in the part of the worlds and it is applicable to make use over the mobile phone and also another desktop platform in a user-friendly manner. This messenger app allows saving to char history in the cloud and share videos file without any limit. even the chat is secure with the current 256 built symmetric AEC encryption so it becomes safer to chat and share personal information with the friends.

BlackBerry Messenger

BlackBerry Messenger app becomes the strongest things in the old platform and it is applicable to make in the Android and iOS. It is the real-time updated support which assists to run over the Smartphone in a winning way. This app allows the user to make free call and voice to the different part of the world. On the other hand, it let to sent sticker and other support for the games to enjoy using such the apps with no risk of it.


It is one of the common and most used messaging apps in the world and it is quite easy and trouble-free to make use by all age people. This apps is completely free to download to all Smartphone. If you using these apps that automatically populate the respective contact list and you can make the calls directly from the contact of the Whatsapp. It provides end to end encryption support for the privacy as well as the security. It supports GIFs images and much more additional features.


The Facebook social media has its own messenger app and it is more comfortable to chat with people who are in your friend list of social media page. These apps allow creating contact and populating contact in a winning way. It is applicable to voice and videos call with proper manner. With chat head feature let to chat icon floating over the mobile screen.


It is one of the most popular message apps in the part of Asia and it has more than 600 million users. It had the standard features of message apps in the timeline same to the Facebook messenger. It allows posting comment and share images and much more. These apps let to make the calls to the landline and it is free to make videos call at every time.

Therefore the customer can feel free to make use such messenger app and share information in winning way with more comfort at zero cost.


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