Why are Traditional Paintings a treat to eyes?

There is no emotion but the feeling of being in love that’s comparable with the joy an art aficionado gets by connecting with a painting.

This is why art aficionados pay millions of dollars to get hands on their desired artwork. Although the price may not be directly related to the value of the painting, it surely does shows how much desperate people get to buy one.

Out of so many forms of paintings, the traditional art still is able to bring a thrill to the art lovers. I sometimes do wonder “what is so catchy and irresistible about these traditional paintings that after hundreds and thousands of years, they still are in demand?”

With so much of abstract and contemporary art in trend now, traditional paintings are still up there proving their worth.

This blog is going to give you a walk through the reasons that would justify the popularity of traditional art among the art admirers.

They travel time

Yes, it’s true.

For an instance, take a good look at the Madhubani paintings, an Indian traditional art form of the past.

This particular art form originated way back to the time of Ramayana (a religious Hindu epic). It is assumed to be thousands of years old.

So, by looking at these mesmerising and alluring traditional paintings you get a glimpse of life of the royals and common people of that time.

It is only art that could take you back to the time it was originated. So, traditional art does travel time.

Maybe that’s why art collectors and admirers don’t hesitate a bit to pay a hefty amount to buy traditional art pieces.

They reflect culture

Looking at the traditional paintings of India, one can easily figure out that the main subject matter keeps revolving around the deities and the tales from religious epics such as Mahabharata and Ramayana.

Artists of that time was influenced so much by such themes that they beautifully engraved their tales using some exquisite colours and vivacious patterns.

People love to hang these paintings in their home and workplace as they think these artworks can not only spruce up but also elevate the entire aura around them.

The cultural reflection of the traditional form of paintings makes them a bit exclusive and tempting.

They offer the calmness

In the time when the contemporary art form is much famed and the paintings depicting the loud cry to the heinous and Hippocratic practices of the society are everywhere, what is better than to have a simple yet elegant and graceful traditional painting for your home?

People are looking for majestic traditional artworks because they want the serenity and the quietness of these paintings around them.

They are a good investment

No doubt, the older an art gets, the more valuable it becomes.

This is why there are many art collectors who never miss a chance to purchase an appealing traditional painting.

The intrinsic value of a traditional painting becomes more and more priceless with time.

Hope I have offered a clarity on the subject of why traditional artworks are still so much adored by the art lovers.

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