Various Aspects of Working Email Marketing and Instagram Together

As a marketer, you might have come across terms like social media engagement and email sign-ups. You also might have likely heard about the positives and negatives of every marketing platform. For instance, it is possible for you to hear that Instagram is only for the school kids and e-mail has become an outdated form of advertisement. To address all such nuisance, this write-up will discuss all important attributes of Instagram and email marketing.

The Importance of E-mail and Instagram

As mentioned above, you might have come across the share of positives and negatives related to email and Instagram marketing. According to the reports, it has been found that email is still the reliable workhorse for advertising your business. On the other hand, Instagram has turned out to be the “big thing” in the social media industry and has surpassed every platform in terms of user engagement, owing to incredible marketing features and immersive visual-only experience. Although you have heard a lot about the two, there is a high chance that you had no impression that these two different generation-defining social networking platforms can actually work together to create wonders for your marketing campaign. The meticulous design of Instagram allows marketers to use the platform for merging and driving their email engagement.

What Is Email Engagement?

Engagement in terms of email marketing differs than the rest of marketing campaigns. Here, the term engagement exceptionally deals with the amount of time spent by the users reading and viewing your email. Even if there is a click on the message in the inbox, it is also treated as a form of user engagement. It goes without saying that there was a time when brands used to rely on email for delivering their messages to the public, as well as, the users treated the email messages as the most authentic form of promotional service. The feeling has not vanished yet; it has just taken another level with the incorporation of Instagram features instead.

How to Boost Email Engagement with Instagram?

In the popular culture, there are two effective ways that can drive users to view and spend time reading your emails, as well as, sign-up to your newsletter.

# Hashtag Engagement

Simply opening an email and instantly deleting it cannot be considered as a sign of an engaged follower or subscriber. For driving more engagement, you have to be more flexible regarding your messages and use the best features of Instagram. In other words, make the most of the hashtags in your brand marketing. Make sure that you have a branded hashtag that is popular among your followers and incorporates it into your email promotions.

# Photo Contest

The visual nature of Instagram is probably the biggest reason that makes it a stand out platform than others. This is also an explanation for why there are so many sources that offer you to buy real Instagram likes to drive user engagement. Speaking of the visual nature, you can organize photo contests where participants need to provide their emails for signing up the contest form.


Instagram creates brand awareness which can be utilized in your email marketing campaign. Make sure that you have a proper business profile on the platform in order to use it exclusively for your email subscriptions.

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