Visit the Historical New York and fall in Love with it like John Clemenza

New York is known to be one of the most happening cities in the world, an epitome of modernity, equipped with the best of the latest technologies and yet it is not devoid of any historical aspect. While most people travel to New York to look at its high buildings and fast life, it is time that you should go there to take a look at the historical assets of the city and you will surely fall in love even more with the city just like John Clemenza.

The historical landmarks in New York are mainly buildings, armory, mansions, bridges, parks, and houses. These places are maintained very well and absolutely perfect to satiate your sense of appreciation for ancient things.

One of the most remarkable historical places in northern region of Bronx is the Bartow- Pell Mansion, a museum. It came into existence in 1654 and was then the house that belonged to Robert and Marie Lorillard Bartow. According to history, this house once was owned by the Lords of the Manor of Pelham. Later it was completely renovated, expanded and given a federal look. The mansion that stands now was built somewhere in late 1830 and early 1840, and this house was sold to the New York City in the year 1888. This was declared to be an entity of historical significance in the year 1978.

How John Clemenza Sees New York and Makes It His Favorite Destination?

People from all over the world, like John Clemenza a surf lover from Hawaii, crowd in New York to see the ever so famous Brooklyn Bridge. This bridge is the first ever steel suspension bridge and at one point of time, it was the famous as the largest bridge. The name ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ was given in 1867 prior to which it was known as the “New York and Brooklyn Bridge”.

Another historical venue and one of the most famous globally is the Carnegie Hall in Midtown Manhattan. This Hall was built in the year 1891 and is known to be the dream world of lovers of music. This hall is used to put up show of classical and popular music and houses three halls within its premises: Zankel Hall, The Main Hall, and the Weill Recital Hall. The Main hall is also known as the Isaac Stern Auditorium. The halls are known for their spaciousness and capacity that can hold thousands of audiences and these halls are rented throughout the year for hosting all sorts of concerts. It was on December 29, 1962 that the Carnegie Hall was declared as a historical building.

Finally, the luxurious hotel that has twenty stories and is reputed for its provision of super luxury to its visitors, the Plaza Hotel, New York. This hotel was constructed by the architects Thomas Hastings and Henry J. Hardenberg in the year 1907 and declared to a place of historical significance on 24th June, 1986.

Thus, these are places of historical significance in New York that are worth a visit apart from the glitz and glamour of this overtly modern city in the world.

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