Do we need to emphasize enough on this that being plus size does not mean that you wear boring and monotonous sack like clothes all the time. Gone are the days when it was patent for plus size women to dress up in baggy, ill fitting and over sized clothes to conceal the bulges of one’s body.

In this era where everything is being researched on, this domain of plus size mother of the bride dresses or even plus size bride herself has not been untouched. There is whole lot of science involved and researched upon to make full figure women look dapper in their own skin without being conscious. Here are some must have wardrobe essentials a plus size woman must possess. Have a look!


Dark to medium washes compliment the curvy figure at its best. It tends to blend the boundary of the curves so it is not that visible. Whereas the lighter color jeans highlights the bumps or the curves of one’s thighs.

Must Have: Forget the trends, put your hands on what compliments your body. Denim which has a slightly stretchy feel to it will provide much a better control over the flabbiness of your flesh. If you are going for embellishments, not to place them where you want to draw the attention away.


There is nothing like a white dress shirt. It is super sexy, captivating and chic. It looks professional and slimming when donned under a blazer for work and paired with a jeans for the weekend.

Must Have: While getting a button down shirt, keep the fabric under consideration. Anything that is stretchy or silky is the right choice. The fabric should move when you do.


Why should you dress like a school principal when everyone is looking forward to how the mother of the bride dresses? Why should you only titivate in something that is right away unattractive and distasteful? You should always have as many formal party wear as possible.

Must Have: A plus size party wear should not only be fancy but it should be classy with come va-va-voom details to it like chiffon sleeves or pearls or embellishments as desired.


These two types of the skirt are the best to accentuate the curves and enhance them to appear attractive.

Must Have: If you have a have a heavy bottom, then a simple A-line skirt that hugs the hips a little and falls free till the knees or to mid calf to give a perfect hourglass look. Moreover, for a heavier tummy a not so loose pencil skirt that may start at the natural waist and goes down till the knee paired with a silky blouse that’s flowy tends to accomplish the same goal.


That is a classic. This never goes out of fashion and does not ever make you look outdated. A suit has slenderizing powers of creating shape; it elongates the torso, defines the waist and minimizes the hips.

Must Have: One or two sets of such two piece suits will come a long way with you. A classic straight legged trouser with one button jacket in neutral, non seasonal colors like black, beige, white or navy will add variety and longevity to your wardrobe.

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