Why Is Water Filter System a Necessity for Every Home?

Do you know human body contains 80% of fluid in it? And if you do not get enough water into your body, you can actually die. Well, of course, that was a bit ofexaggeration. But what is a matter of concern is the drinking water we are using every day. Do you think it is safe for use? Or you have doubts about the filtration system you’re using?

How do you know that tap water is safe to use? Infect tap water is dirtier than it looks.

Even the clean water what we think as clean is not at all clean. The tap water that is traveled along miles of pipeline, picks up dirt, pesticides with it. This contaminated water is unhealthy for you and you need to take some serious steps to avoid taking any harmful liquid into your body.

Well, the good news is, you’re reading this blog. And this blog will help you to understand the importance of water filtration system and how you can get the most from it without getting ill.

What is the real problem with tap water?

The biggest problem with tap water is that we don’t have any clue from here the water is coming. In reality, it is a highly contaminated water which can cause long-term loss to our bodies. In a study by Environmental Working Group, the shocking outcome can be hair-raisingly a matter of concern for you. More than 80% of the population is using contaminated water with around 300 dangerous bacteria floating in the water.

Oh, by the water the bottled water isn’t better either.

I might seem a bit harsh here, but this is the truth. Being bunt is better than lying. As per EPA the bottled water not necessarily unsafe and unhealthy for you. Apart from the debate that how this water is regulated, I beg you to stop this water, because the plastic bottles that land in the ocean are also creating environmental instability. More than 2/3rds of the bottle land in oceans poisoning the oceans and wildlife.

The solution is…..

Water filtration systems. But here I don’t mean any water filtration system. For starters, look for systems that are certified by NSF. And to give you a head start, you can go with Vulcan hot water which is quite reliable and appropriate for home and office use. The whole filtration system is top notch and you can use it without any doubts.

Gaining access to water filtration system is a serious issue. And it is affecting people of all ages. If you really want a healthy tap water to go for filtration systems that are using advanced technologies to filter up to the water.

Here are 5 benefits of using filtration system if you’re still unconvinced on filtering out your water.

1) Filtered water increase your life expectancy

In a research done by WHO, more than one in six people – or 896 million – worldwide live in areas where clean water in unavailable and the life span there is quite low than those who are using filtered water.

2) Of course, the sickness ratio is high

A poor water sanitation cause variety of diseases to jumpinto your body, including typhus, cholera and typhoid fever. The end result is, every 20 seconds a child passes due to unhealthy water.

3) Prevents water wastage

In areas where water is unavailable clean water is a dream. Many individuals opt to drink, bathe, cook and clean using bottled water. To create an alternative that is both healthy and utilize the water in every way is a good start and it prevents water from washing out.

4) Promotes the growth of local communities

By giving water to the local communities, the international communities that get affected are coming closer to the regions with local communities. This can be used to address global issues of poverty and hunger.

5) Water is creating a ripple effect

The feeling of safety and security only comes when you know that the water you’re using is safe and healthy to use. A safe water can impact everything in your life. From workplace productivity to a healthy home.

To bottle it all up. We need to realize the importance of using filtered water. Even if we don’t believe in using a safe water, for the sake of our families we need to consider using filtered water for a healthy and happy life.


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