Weighted Vest for Walking

According to researchers, wearing a weighted vest while walking is an effective way of losing weight. It is more efficient when you’re walking with a heavy load at the same speed that you usually walk. Even though you’re not performing an intense workout, the moment you walk with heavy loads means you’re already on it. You will gain the following benefits of walking with weighted vest.

  1. Excess amounts of Excess Work

There are different types or weighted vest according to their weight and size. Beginners usually take the 5kg and 10kg vest as their starting line for the light exercise. When your body finally gets along with the weight you’re carrying, your body can take control on your workload. Wearing a weighted vest worth 10kgs makes your body working and exerting more energy than your regular walk without the vest.

  1. Weighted Vest for Losing Weight

Your body burns fats every time you’re doing an exercise whether it’s light or cumbersome. A weighted vest produces resistance that makes lighter workout intense. The more powerful the exercise is, the more calories are being burned. Walking with a weighted vest for more than 30 minutes burns an enormous amount of calories than walking without it.

  1. Weighted Vest for improving Strength

Weighted vests are also helpful in developing your strength. Even walking with weighted vest helps on improving your strength. Carrying 10kgs to 15kgs is already effective without doing the intense workout.

However, you should do it regularly so that your body can get along quickly.

  1. Hiking with Weighted Vest

If you want a higher level walking exercise, consider challenging walks such as hiking trails. But of course, take your weighted vest with you for better results. This type of trail adds variety and tax to your body compared to your regular walk.

  1. For additional bone

A simple walk with weighted vest can help to keep your healthy. Most women lose 3% – 5% bones when their menopausal stage occurs. However, it can be prevented by walking regularly, and new intensity is also a big help. If you keep on walking daily, your body will gain additional making it less prone to bone loss as you age.

  1. Don’t push yourself too much

Don’t push yourself by carrying heavy loads unless your body already trained to do it regularly. Overdoing it may cause stress to muscles and joints which are not a good sign. When you’re just only a starter in using a weighted vest for your walking exercise, choose the lightest tool. Your body is still adjusting with its new mechanic. Also do not carry it regularly unless your body feels comfortable with its intensity.

  1. Safety Money Saving Workout

Walking may be a light exercise but doing it with weighted vest makes it healthier. This activity is perfect and reliable use for people with who can no longer perform intense weight lifting. You can do it outside your house which is effective in saving money. You don’t need to spend your time inside the gym to be physically fit. It is also perfect for elders in reducing stress and keeping their heart healthy. Taking a walk after your meals helps to control your blood sugar and diminishes insulin resistance.

Walking exercise is perfect for young, adult and aged people. Regular walks are indeed healthy but having such weights as you do the routines may help to increase the benefits you will receive. For those who already aged that suffers Osteoporosis, consider this method as a natural remedy to regain your energy. It is also the best way to keep your bones healthy as you grow older. But always remember that carrying a heavy load like 10kgs is not suitable for people ages 50 and above. Maybe 5kgs is enough to make them feel like they are performing a great walk.

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