What is the Fault in Eating Out?

When we prefer to eat out and breaks the routine of homemade food, we are putting our fate in others hand. In this we can only hope the place we are eating is using the oil is not at all a carcinogenic to fry the samosas. The chicken that is used in the various street food is expected that it must be washed before it is used and being marinated and used with the gloved hands. The biryani that we eat from restaurants, we can only hope that it does not contain any toxic food coloring and the meal that we are having is cooked in the utensils that are washed and clean properly.

While it is proven that the people of Pakistan have the strong immune system but there are many people who really paid a heavy amount of eating the unhygienic and unhealthy meal that is prepared by the substandard ingredients.

In Pakistan there is 70% available food in the market is the adulterated and the 52 percent of the mineral water present around is unsafe for drinking.  There are many of the food producers that are continue using the substandard raw material like inferior food flavors, oils, fats, and colors with the contaminated water because in Pakistan the implementation of the food laws and integral frameworks for the safety of food.

There are 54.5 % people who think that more expensive restaurants of Pakistan are more unhygienic and unhealthy food to the valuable users.

There are many people in the market who prepare food without wearing the hairnets and gloves and food is cooked in dirty kitchens that are infested with cockroaches. The unhygienic handlers of the food are adding the chilies to a gravy. The street food chefs are not keeping themselves clean.

When you are moving around the city (Lahore), you come to know that there are many food streets where you can taste food but there is no surety that it may be healthy. The food inspectors are now active and making it possible to offer the healthy food. There are many of the restaurants in the city that are using the expired products like frozen meat or rusty utensils. For this, there are many restaurants and the food places that are sealed.

Now providing the hygienic food to the citizens of Punjab is made one of the priority. The system takes steps to various restaurants and sealed them in addition to a heavy fine. It also aware frequent customers who love the street food and are the real foodies.

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