What’s it going to be? Glasses or Contact Lenses?

If you are reaching a point in your life where you can’t hide it any longer and you need to correct your eyesight then you have a decision to make. Are you going to wear glasses/spectacles, or are you going to wear contact lenses?

While they both have their selling points, it’s important to realize some of their drawbacks. Below is a great article to help you out in this regard.

Contact Lenses

While they may seem like a no-brainer, there are many reasons why people don’t automatically choose to wear contact lenses instead of glasses.

Let’s start with the advantages to wearing contact lenses.

  • Contact lenses provide a complete invisible solution to eyesight correction. Unless you choose colored lenses, there is little to no way for anybody to know that your eyesight is being corrected.
  • Because they are on your eyes, you can easily wear sunglasses from the Groupon Coupons page for Sunglass Hut without losing visibility
  • You don’t need to wear special glasses when you are playing sport
  • New technology gives you a greater field of vision when compared to glasses.

Of course, it isn’t all good news when it comes to contact lenses.

  • Each morning and each night, you will need to put your hands up to your eye and take them out or put them in. This means direct finger to eye contact.
  • Each morning and each night, you will need to put your hands up to your eye and take them out or put them in. This means direct finger to eye contact. No this isn’t a mistake, it’s here twice to make sure that you know that you have to touch your finger to your eye!
  • If you suffer from the symptoms of dry eyes then the problem can be made worse by wearing contact lenses
  • You can’t sleep with them, meaning that if you sleep away from home, you will wake up without the ability to see clearly
  • Also, fingers to eyes!

As you can tell, the main barrier for people when considering contact lenses is the fact that you need to touch your eye, an act that the majority of people are not comfortable completing.

Now It’s Time for Glasses

In addition to not having to touch their eyes, there are many reasons why people choose to wear glasses, such as:

  • They work well with people who have sensitive or dry eyes
  • They are cheaper than contact lenses
  • You only need to buy them once with no replacement necessary
  • Modern designs allow for the easy use of safety goggles
  • And of course, again, no eye touching!

However, spectacles do come with some drawbacks:

  • They are very present and apparent. THere is no hiding the fact that you are wearing glasses.
  • Glasses are constantly exposed to the element, which means that the quality of your vision depends on the cleanliness of your lenses. This can often result in the inability to see clearly in important situations simply because you didn’t bring cleaning solution and a cleaning cloth with you.

There you have it, the main and most common reasons people use to choose between contact lenses and glasses. Which option you choose depends on your personal preference and lifestyle, so give these some serious thought as you make your decision.

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