Why Is Pest Control So Important?

You probably don’t think about pests very often, especially if you live in urban areas. Your flat is unlikely to suffer from serious infestations. However, if your neighbours have bad hygiene habits, you might find a few stray roaches in your home. And in the more humid months, you might notice a trail of ants. Maybe even a few slugs after a summer shower.

In Australia, the most common pests include ants, termites, bedbugs, cockroaches, and spiders. As you move towards the suburbs, you may find possums, wild birds, or even bats. Larger wildlife mostly stay away from human settlements, so unless you have a ranch or live closer to the outback, you’re unlikely to be bothered by kangaroos and wombats.

Health Reasons

Pests are largely an annoyance, but they do occasionally make you sick. If they get into your food supply, they could infest it with germs and bacteria, causing spoilage and stomach upsets. Some pests also carry diseases and pathogens, like mosquitoes and rats. Pests that cause allergic reactions include bees, wasps, or hornets.  Others have poisonous bites, like snakes or spiders.

If you live in an isolated area that’s prone to venomous pests, it may help to have a good supply of antidote in the house. Some pests can lead to secondary illnesses too. For instance, fleas can lead to worms on your pets. Other pests, like dust mites, can cause asthma and respiratory problems to flare up. Vacuuming and deep-cleaning can help keep them under control.

Hygienic Habits

Not all pests are specifically harmful, but they can still make your house look dirty. Ants, for instance. Seeing a fresh trail on your recently scrubbed walls and floors is quite frustrating. As for rodents, they can bring paw prints, feces, and other types of dirt to your house. Then there arethe type of pest that harms your property. Termites cause up to $700M in damage every year.

They can eat through a foot of wood in six months, and once they’re on your property, they’re difficult to get rid of. Regular termite inspection by professional exterminators is the best way to keep termites under wraps. If you work with a pest control expert, they’ll give you a three-step termite control program that includes assessment, treatment, and future pest prevention.

HOA (Home Owner’ Association)

If you live in a gated community, the group’s rules have to be stringently obeyed. And because pests can easily stray into neighbouring properties, these HOA regulations are especially tough on pest control. In other parts of the country, the government is closely involved in pest control.

They know problems can easily become endemic. As an example, possums are endangered and/or protected in many parts of Australia. So if you find one on your property and try to trap, kill, or forcefully move it, you could be prosecuted. In such cases, you need a licensed exterminator with a possum license.

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