Wildlife Survival Tips That Are Always Useful

Wildlife tours have an elusive charm. Whether you are on a wildlife safari in Africa or are in a winter wilderness tour in Denmark, there’s plenty to explore and experience. Other than passion and enthusiasm, wildlife tours also need serious planning and practical thinking. When you’ve decided to travel the path less walked upon, being cautious and well informed is a smart call. There are many stories of travelers not returning from the mountain peaks of the Andes or forests of Africa. Nobody wants to face such a harsh predicament.

Wildlife Survival Tips
Wildlife Survival Tips

Are you planning a wildlife tour sometime soon? If yes, then you can use these useful and straightforward wildlife survival tips to stay secured and guarded.

  1. Research about the forest, rainforest, grassland or mountain where you are planning your wildlife tour. You will get to know the best and the not so good times to travel to these places. The idea behind choosing the best times to visit the site is because you would know that the area would have other fellow solo wildlife travelers like you. For instance, if you are planning a safari in Botswana, make sure you choose anytime between December to March.
  1. If you are planning for overnight camps select areas that provide an excellent terrain to mount the tent. Also make sure that it is close to any water source, a river, stream or a spring. The human body needs water to survive. Being dehydrated will make you physically weak during your wildlife tour. So, carry extra water bottles and select a camping area close to the water source.
  1. Wilderness teaches you to count on the available resources, both regarding food and commute. Travelers do carry food and edibles such as biscuits, dry fruits and the like. But if your wildlife camp lasts for a few days, then you need to depend on other food sources. Count on berries, apples, bananas and other edible fruits, nuts and leaves that you come across. Concerning commute count on the local transport. Sometimes, you will be tired of walking the long mountain roads. Often you will get horse rides as a way of traveling from one wildlife camping destination to the other. Opt-in for these horse rides. You might feel like the riders you see in websites like TVG and others for a while. But you will love this experience as well.
  1. Carry all the necessary survival kit items with you. For instance, have a map that will help you figure out the way. Additionally, carry torches, a safety kit, extra battery cells, a power bank, radio, camera, emergency numbers and the required medicines. Also, bring pepper spray for your defense. You can make your spear either on the wildlife tour or before. It will help you to use it for your protection should any wild animal is to cross your path or come in direct contact with you.

If wilderness is your secret calling, then you would want to attend to it. However, it is essential to ensure your safety. Using the above-discussed tips, you can start to make your personalized wildlife survival guidelines and add more to it accordingly.

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